J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin - LEDER 6 - Eau de Parfum

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Leather as a fetish. Surround yourself with the scent of sensual leather and feel irresistible.


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Sin City Berlin.

Leather is a fetish, a magical object or an object of desire. 

Leder 6 is a scent based on the old J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin classic "Spanisch Leder". The new perfume creation brings the traditional character of the early composition from 1921 into the Modern Age.

The wild base notes of incense and Japanese styrax resinoid stand for the wicked eroticism of the old days. With the sensual leather as well as the saffron blossom in the top note, Leder 6 combines the traditions of fragrance production with the wild Berlin nights of today.

The instinctual element, that never lets the capital sleep, can be found in the animalistic, leathery character of the fragrance. The gently enveloping heart note of milk and pure vanilla surprises: As in many J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin perfumes, the heart of the scent is a thrilling element. It complements the first impression of the fragrance and awakens warmth and sensuality. Leder 6 is a dark sensual fragrance whose mysteriousness you cannot escape.


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leather, saffron, milk, vanilla pure, Jungle Essence™, incense essence, styrax resinoid


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Véronique Nyberg


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