Francesca Bianchi - Under My Skin - Extrait de Parfum

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Under My Skin is a powdery and leathery perfume. It's an intimate scent that becomes one with your skin.


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This is Francesca's personal interpretation of the animalic theme: not loud but whispered, an elegant powdery leathery scent, more human than animalic.

The title comes from a conversation with an artist, who told her it is as if the perfume emanates from the skin, rather than being sprayed on: which totally fit the intimate concept of the perfume.


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grapefruit, lavender, black pepper, Bulgarian rose, carnation, iris butter, musk, castoreum, ambergris, leather accord, costus, tonka bean, tolu balsam, Peru balsam, sandal Mysore, vanilla, treemoss


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Francesca Bianchi




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