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Seductive, challenging and self-assured. Probably the most powerful and sensual botanical perfume you've ever smelled.


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Hyde is a sensual and addictively mesmerising leather-themed fragrance.

Hyde opens with a strong burst of bright lemon and bergamot. These cheerful notes then clash with the dry and sharp scent of birch tar, reminiscent of burned wood - and cassie, an opulent flower with intense green and spicy nuances. Both form a vibrant leather note with powerful depth and intense appeal. This beating heart is embraced by a warm and elegant base of smoky labdanum and malt vanilla melting into earthy oakmoss.

Seductive and challenging, Hyde is an ode to all those adventure-seeking souls – a unisex fragrance perfect for day and night.


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lemon, bergamot, birch tar, cassie, labdanum, vanilla, oakmoss


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All Hiram Green perfumes are 100% natural and vegan (with the exception of beeswax absolute in Slowdive) and free of GMO. Nothing is tested on animals. Everything is developed and produced in small batches in Hiram’s studio in Gouda, The Netherlands.

Hyde won the Artisan Award at the 2019 Art and Olfaction Awards. 


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Hiram Green



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