Gallivant - Tel Aviv - Eau de Parfum

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This perfume takes you to the pearly white city and beaches of Tel Aviv. Think sun, sea, 70's glamour.


... story

Sun. White, yellow, bright. Gold jewellery on tanned skin. A lingering 1970s glamour. It’s sexy, it’s a party. It’s life in the bubble.

It’s walking along the beach, naked skin, feeling relaxed, languorous, but it’s the big city, there’s noise, people and a sense of intensity and madness.

It’s stopping at the juice stall on Dizengoff. It’s Bauhaus. It’s heat, sweat, cigarette smoke, flowers on the balconies overhead.


... notes

clementine, bergamot, blackcurrant bud, jasmine, sambac, ylang ylang, rose, freesia, sandalwood, musks, liatrix, benzoin


... creator

Nick Steward and Karine Chevallier



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