Senyokô - Duo des Fleurs - eau de parfum

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Rose and jasmine, two of the perfumery's favourite flowers, united in an innovative way in 1 perfume. Experience this beautiful Indian love story.


... story

“Run with me!” From the other side of the river he calls in hushed desperation. 

It is punishable to conduct as they have in secret, both know this too well. Their love for one another has been revealed, his wounds will heal, but now, they cannot delay any longer, they must make their escape tonight.

Love is love, nothing can stop this desire. They cannot be separated - his wounds will heal but a broken heart can never be restored.

“Bring the attar with you when you return, its powers and your embrace will help restore me to full health.” Their plan is audacious. “meet me where the white jasmine blends with the blood red roses. As soon as sun settles, we will vanish together, leaving no trace.”

It is said that they vanished in a bouquet of splendid flora. Where they once stood, the air still hangs thick with the supernatural reverberation of rose petals and jasmine buds, ambushed by the offbeat drum of Sandalwood and humid earth.

Senyokô’s Duo des Fleurs conceptually echoes the world’s best known duet by Léo Delibes; a chaotic fin de siècle adventure at the end of the 19th century: two lovers are escaping the British Raj. The Flower Duet, which was the genesis of a tragedy, becomes the source of felicity.

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... notes

rose de mai, jasmine sambac absolute, davana, datura leaf, rose otto, jasmine flexile, rose petals, jasmine buds, Mysore sandalwood, musk, mitti attar


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Euan McCall

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