Moth and Rabbit - Duke of Burgundy - Eau de Parfum

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Feel seductive with this perfume that is clean and dark, naughty and sensual at the same time. 


... story

Duke of Burgundy is inspired on the 2014 film by Peter Strickland that focuses on the relationship between two women. Taking its title from a rare species of butterfly, The Duke of Burgundy chronicles the increasingly intimate relationship between butterfly professor Cynthia and her student and housekeeper, Evelyn. Evelyn is subject to strict behavioural expectations and high standards for cleanliness. When Evelyn does not complete tasks to Cynthia's satisfaction, she is punished. Although Evelyn may seem like the slave, she is, in a certain respect, the master. She is submissive by choice and, in fact, is the architect of the increasingly peculiar and deviant sex acts Cynthia unleashes.

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... notes

a no mans land, freshly washed lingerie, powder from butterflies, silk warmed by hot skin, pleasurable punishments, waxing floors and high leather boots, naughty routines, the animal released and tamed at night, the dark games we play


... creator

Mark Buxton

| Laura C

Duke of Burgundy starts deliciously smoky and leathery, after 5 minutes or so it reaches a plateau of woody cleanness that seems to be the final stage of the fragrance but it isn’t, if you’re patient enough the aseptic woodiness abandons the spotlight and lends its place to the most delectable and aristocratic powdery scent.
Longevity is terrific but the sillage is medium, anyway, a masterpiece.

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