Francesca Bianchi

Francesca Bianchi creates exceptional, stunning perfumes that are an expression of her deepest emotions. Exclusively for Brussels available at ... smell stories ...

The creation of a perfume is a very long and complex process, and it takes Francesca Bianchi a hermit life to devise a formula which she then blends, holding her breath at every drop she adds as in a sacred ritual.

At those ecstatic and silent moments, she feels like an alchemist which – through a transformation – gives birth to something new, which is not the simple addition of different materials.


Francesca Bianchi


Francesca Bianchi's perfumes are conceived in her laboratory in Amsterdam. When the formula is ready, she can finally order the raw materials in order to mix them.

The constant search for qualitative raw materials is crucial for the achievement of a great result.

The same formula performed with materials coming from different suppliers will sort out a different olfactory profile.

The resulting concentrate is then sent out to an artisanal atelier in Italy which put it in alcohol, let it age, and then take care of packing it.


"a good perfume gives you balance"

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