Francesca Bianchi - Etruscan Water - Extrait de Parfum

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Surround yourself with the scent of the Tuscan coast, the birthplace of Francesca Bianchi.


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Etruscan Water is a green-citrusy perfume with character – or with a dirty/sexy vibe.

It conveys the stunning odor of the typical Mediterranean vegetation on the Tuscan coastline, the birthplace of Francesca, where ages ago the Etruscans lived.

The salty, refreshing smell of the sea soothes your skin like a fresh shower, after getting away from the heat of the sun.


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bergamot, green tangerine, grapefruit, petit-grain, basil, carvi, immortelle, jasmin, iris root, musk, ambergris, labdanum, vetiver, oakmoss


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Francesca Bianchi



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