Akro - Haze - Eau de Parfum

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Dream away and imagine yourself at a debauched music festival with this green and addictive fragrance.

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... story

Picture the scene: Notting Hill Carnival, the Rampage stage, 2009 - the summer of UK Funky. Donae’o, the man of the moment, the MC behind this year’s carnival anthem is on the mic. He takes one look at the DJ, and they drop 'Party Hard'. The whole street seems to explode. Those in the throng of bodies, who had been grinding that fragrant, fresh kush are now lighting up, toking, passing. Within seconds All Saints Road becomes engulfed in the smell of the green - and through some strange urban chemistry it merges with the beats, the beer, the charcoal, the mood. Together they create the real scent of London - the one we dream of whenever we’re away for too long.

Haze, like a breath, liberates by creating an unresolved sensation. Between two states, two notes.


... notes

absinthe, armoise, eucalyptus, spearmint, clary sage


... creator

Olivier Cresp



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