Moth and Rabbit - Enter the Void - Eau de Parfum

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This psychedelic fragrance, with aldehydes, fresh herbs and citrus, will bring out your most sensual, sexy side.  


... story

Enter The Void is inspired by the 2009 film directed by Gaspar Noe. The film follows the psychedelic journey of Oscar, a young French drug dealer in Tokyo whose spirit leaves his body after he is shot during a police raid at a bar called the Void. His spirit hovers over the city, an unquiet ghost unable or unwilling to leave, watching over his sister Linda, a pole-dancer now utterly alone in the world. Enter the Void is all about life after death. 

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credits: Alexandra Kinga Fekete


... notes

hypersensitive to touch, flickering silhouettes, neon lights, lingerie falling from steel poles, checking into a fantasy, checking out of reality, Tokyo love hotels, post-death enlightenment, the past, the future, inside her present, my gift


... creator

Mark Buxton

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