Atelier PMP - Topia - Eau de Parfum

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Topia, a rebellious and powerful perfume with blood orange, rhubarb and sage offers self-confidence and energy. Combine it with Empa to create a third fragrance.


... story

Empa and Topia, together they are Combinism. 
Combinism means that each perfume alone is a beauty and works as a stand-alone.

Or you combine the two scents, and layer them. Make out of two good ideas an even better one.
No matter if you like to spray more EMPA and less TOPIA or the other way round, they always fit.
dThe combination of the two scents create a new third scent.

TOPIA is pure Utopia - green, punkish, rebellious. The blood orange, rhubarb and sage stand for confidence and energy.


... notes

blood orange, ginger, cardamon, sage, violet, cedar leaves, rhubarb, cedrat, bergamot, mate, raspberry, blond tobacco, petitgrain, frankincense, cinnamon, oakwood, musk, cedar wood, vetiver


... creator

Mark Buxton and David Chieze


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