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Named after the votive candles lit in front of the statues of saints in large cathedrals, this scent finds its origin in the ecclesiastical feasts of the Austrian monarchy. The sumptuous Corpus Christi procession, also known as the 'Court Ball of God', held at the Viennese court, was not only a magnificent spectacle for the public, but also the most important celebration of the Habsburgs.

Ex Voto creates the atmosphere of a cool, empty cathedral on a warm spring day. A silent veil of incense floats over the smooth, cold marble floor, a hint of burnt candles and dried flowers hangs in the air. 


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pink pepper, mastix, camomille romaine, ashes of olibanum, nutmeg, melilot, bois de gaiac, santal, ambergris


... creator

Mark Buxton with Alexander Lauber


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