Atelier PMP - ŌN - Eau de Parfum

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Everything that exists in one bottle of perfume? Discover ŌN, a wonderful green herbal composition with incense, mate and some fruits, on a woody base. 


... story

[ŌN]: Greek prefix ón 'being', describes everything that exists, everything that is. For example, in the word 'ontology'.

ŌN contains everything that is, that exists, but also everything that is created in existence: All our dreams and hopes, ideas and creativity.

Being is perceiving: Looking closely, again and again. Perception is a mental standing order.

Everything that is - in one fragrance? Essences that are used all over the world to turn to being.


... notes

marijuana accord, black pepper, basil oil, cassis bourgeons, rose, immortelle, maté absolute, labdanum absolute, incense, musk, vetiver, guaiac wood, leather, patchouli, amber


... creator

Mark Buxton

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