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Anti Anti is for people who are against those who refuse, reject, deny. Be anti anti, love, embrace, empower. A fragrance as modern, soft and noble as a contemporary sculpture. 


... story

be anti anti: be against those who refuse, reject, deny! be anti anti: be for those who love, embrace, empower!
Why are so many against the principles of humanity? Why are so many ‚anti’?
We are against those who spread hate! We are ‚anti anti‘ and celebrate life in all its colors and diversity.

Anti Anti is a scent that is really different: warm like cashmere, clear and edgy like a modern sculpture!

Anti Anti is ultra-modern, soft and noble, edgy and moving.

A scent leaving the tracks of conventional definitions, clear and crisp and enigmatic and mysterious.

Listen to the perfume: 


... notes

hazelnut, neroli, red pepper, cardamon, cacao, osmanthus chine, leather, cistus, birch tar, oakwood, benzoin siam, vetiver, sandal wood, cedar wood, musk


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Anti Anti was nominated for the Independent Award at the 2017 Art and Olfaction Awards.


... creator

Mark Buxton and David Chieze


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