Manos Gerakinis - White Blossom - Scented Candle 145 gr

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This luxurious candle with a perfume of almond creates a soft, soothing and romantic atmosphere at home. 


... story

White Blossom is a velvet and smooth scented luxury candle. It narrates the love story between Phyllis, daughter of the King of Thrace, and Demophon, King of Athens. Phyllis’ fate was to wait for years for Demophon’s return. The Gods answering her prayers, decided to turn her into an almond tree to prolong her wait time. Demophon finally returned to find a dry tree without leaves in an icy wintry landscape. Ever since, the almond tree blossoms as proof that love beats death.


... notes

vanilla, bitter almond


... characteristics

145 gr

100% soy wax

handmade in Greece

candle with lid

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