Hiram Green - Arbolé - Eau de Parfum

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This natural perfume with the scent of patchouli, wood, tonka bean and vanilla, will make you dream of southern destinations.


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Arbolé takes its name and spirit from Federico Lorca’s poem, which opens with the line “tree, tree, dry and green”. Think of a lazy summer afternoon somewhere in the hinterland of Ibiza: salty dry wind blowing through the trees and a trace of incense lingering in the air. This is a romantic fragrance with a vintage touch.

Arbolé opens with a burst of earthy patchouli that slowly merges with rich cedar wood and velvety sandalwood. Vanilla and tonka bean anchor the fragrance and provide a sweet and powdery base.


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patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean


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All Hiram Green perfumes are 100% natural and vegan (with the exception of beeswax absolute in Slowdive) and free of GMO. Nothing is tested on animals. Everything is developed and produced in small batches in Hiram’s studio in Gouda, The Netherlands.


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Hiram Green



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