Gallivant - London  - Eau de Parfum

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Elegant and a little eccentric? Then this British perfume with cucumber, rose and leather is made for you. 


... story

It’s addictive, big, small, soaring, down to earth, and done with a wicked sense of humour.

East end boys and west end girls. Second-hand leather jackets. Creative, new, old, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor. All rubbing along.

It’s a wet spring. Roses from Columbia Rd. Georgian architecture. A hint of dustiness. An earthy lush wetness you can almost taste.


... notes

cucumber, violet leaves, rose de mai, rose, orris root, suede, leather, sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood


... characteristics

London was nominated for best independent perfume at the 2018 Art and Olfaction Awards.


... creator

Nick Steward and Karine Chevallier


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