Gallivant - Bukhara - Eau de Parfum

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Explore the mythical Silk Road and the wondrous city of Bukhara, thanks to this silky perfume around precious iris, spices and apricot. 


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Bukhara is an Uzbek city on the Silk Road that looks like a fairytale. Fruits and spices, sophistication and adventure. This perfume will take you on a journey into Central Asia.

Bukhara is an earthy perfume, composed around the enigmatic orris (or iris), one of perfumery’s most prized (and expensive) raw materials.

Spicy, fruity and sparkling in the opening with caraway, pear, coriander and bergamot. A floral heart with orris and a touch of jasmine. Clove and apricot enrich the colours and textures. A base of benzoin resin, saffron, amber, wood and cotton-soft musks.


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caraway, pear, orris (iris), osmanthus, jasmine, apricot, clove, saffron, amber


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Ralf Schwieger

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