Gabriella Chieffo - Camaheu - Eau de Parfum

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Finish your look with this jewel of a perfume. A gemstone of rose and jasmine with vanilla set in the cool scent of ivy and citrus, like precious metal.


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A sensual liquid insinuates itself in the feelings of those recklessness ones that discover their own personality and reveal what is behind the mask. A soul strong because of its own fragility. Being a man and being a woman acquires its own self worth in the very essence of the human being. The aura of each one of us leaves a distinctive mark in lived experiences: like a cammeo, whose hard consistency is tempered by sinuous and sensual lines, it is a visible and unchangeable mark of specific traces; thus Camaheu unequivocally leaves a sign of its presence.

Camaheu, the old French name of cammeo, perceives the rigidity of the world transforming it into a precious and seductive essence: that which is hard and inanimate, like a stone, becomes impalpable and alive, sinuosity itself emanates to win over the senses. The fragrance reveals its aromatic fragrance, stimulating and provocative, with top notes of bergamot and grapefruit, intensified by a harmony of ivy leaves. 

The heart and base notes (jasmine, rose, oak moss, amber, vanilla) make an unforgettable impression of a perfume full of charm.


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bergamot, grapefruit, ivy leaves, jasmin, rose, vanilla, amber, oak moss


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Gabriella Chieffo with Maurizio Cerizza


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