Jardins d'ecrivains

The unisex perfumes of independent niche brand Jardins d'Ecrivains draw their inspiration from literature and poetry. 

For Anaïs Biguine, founder of Jardins d'Ecrivains, creating a fragrance is like telling a story.

Her sources of inspiration make her a specialist in narrative scents. Jardins d'Ecrivains creates olfactory parallels with great literature.

Through the universal language of scent, Anaïs explores unique olfactory forms with distinctive qualities.

Each literary opus is explored in depth to give rise to a perfume that faithfully captures its essence.

This is an invitation to the fantastic world of novels, taking you on a journey where fragrances and words combine to form enlightened trails.  


"you see, perfume awakens thought"


Victor Hugo


Anaïs Biguine - Jardins d'Ecrivains