Atelier PMP - Concrete Flower - Eau de Parfum

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An ode to graffiti, a powerful and colourful perfume that will give you the necessary vitality.


... story

Let the concrete flourish – a crackingly fresh alternative to dreariness.

A tribute to the art of Graffiti.

In the beginning was a quite simple question: what makes the concrete flourish? What breaks the grey tristesse of our cities?

For Atelier PMP the answer was clear: Graffiti, the many different forms of Street Art, Urban Gardening… All the many creative expressions how to cope with the urban structures and how to think and live outside the box. To create ”a crackingly fresh alternative to dreariness“ was the challenge they offered star perfumer Mark Buxton. The result: a fragrance that comes on with the force of graffiti, that hints briefly at concrete and blasts of colour, but that primarily resonates with the beauty and power of nature – a scent for a liberated world. How do you pack a love letter to graffiti? How do you connect the flower and the wild energy of the unplanned with the strict strength of concrete? The scent „Concrete Flower“ stands for this untamed energy, for the growths of uniqueness, the power that can pierce through concrete.

This is contrasted by the clean style of the flacon: the cool and heaviness of the concrete cap combined with the clear glass of the bottle.


... notes

black pepper, ginger, bergamot, cardamon, lime, clove, tangerine, lilly


... creator

Mark Buxton



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