Akro - Dark - Eau de Parfum

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Allow yourself a guilty pleasure with this sensual perfume with the addictive scent of bitter chocolate.

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... story

Dark Chocolate, like foreign films and black coffee, is something you only get really into as you get older. A petite décadence that you’ll only understand when your tastes mature, when you’ve fully explored your sensuality. Akro's baptism into the darkness came about when they discovered Said London - the legendary Soho chocolatiers. Just walking in there off the cold, dark streets of W1 feels like a sensory reawakening, as you let their aromas into your airwaves, and the flavours onto your tongue. Said soon became a weekly, guilty pilgrimage spot for them, a place to train their senses. When it came to creating bottling their addictions, it was one of the first places they thought about. Bitter and sweet, without being bittersweet, Dark is a fragrance of pure indulgence.


... notes

cacao, dark chocolate, cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla


... creator

Olivier Cresp


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