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Around the turn of the century, the seaside resorts between Abbazia and Lauranade (in present-day Croatia) became a popular destination for the jet-set of the Habsburg Empire. This Austrian Riviera, also known as the "Laurel Coast", because of the Laurus Nobilis that grows here in abundance. The region was known for its mild climate and the beneficial effects of the salty air.

Sale Marino is like the fresh Bora wind that blows over the Quarnero bay and along the "Lungomare" promenade with palm trees and oaks. A salty sea scent with laurel in the top note, greenish fresh algae in the heart and a hint of wild juniper, the bushes overgrowing the stone ruins of the hinterland.


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algue absolue, seaweed, laurel, marine salt, juniper, clary sage, hyacinth, wild pistachio, cedarwood


... creator

Valerie Garnuch with Alexander Lauber


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