Agatho - Adone - Eau de Parfum

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The tears of Aphrodite mingled with the blood of the dying Adonis, and became the anemone flower. Adone is an exclusive floral perfume with wisteria.


... story

An essence, whose flowery and enveloping notes are rooted in myth. A perfume playing to hypnotize the senses like the young and beautiful Adonis towards Aphrodite.

The House of Adonis in Pompeii was named after the large fresco in the garden depicting Adonis and Aphrodite.

Adonis, a handsome young man, was loved by Aphrodite but died because Mars, driven by jealousy, made a wild boar attack him during a chase in the woods. Anemones grew from the blood of Adonis.

Unleashing the freshness of the flowers of wisteria, jasmine, geranium, damask rose, white lily, this essence interprets and expresses the beautiful and damned Adonis, like a flower of short life that: "fixed badly to the ground and fragile, for too much lightness owes its name to the wind and the wind disperses its petals".


... notes

grapefruit, cassis, rosewood, pink pepper, damask rose, wisteria, jasmine, geranium, white lily, ambroxan, precious woods, ambrette seeds, white musk


... creator

Maurizio Cerizza

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