J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin - Hand Sanitizer - 200 ml

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Prevent infection with this practical hand sanitizer.

Temporary offer: receive a free bottle of disinfectant when you buy a perfume from J.F.Schwarzlose. As long as stocks last. 

... story

Schwarzlose started as a pharmacy in Berlin in 1856 and for a long time offered not only perfumes but also soap, hair care, detergents and, as early as 1900, complete disinfection systems recommended by Dr. Robert Koch. With the company Dreiturm, which was their partner at the time, the tradition is revived for today's reasons.


... characteristics

Liquid hand disinfectant, free from allergic additives and fragrance. 

For personal hand disinfection (PT1). .

Rub your hands twice using about 3 ml of undiluted sanitizer each time. Keep them moist for 30 seconds. Ensure complete coverage of all areas. 

100g liquid contains 64,8g Ethanol. 

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