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How to best store your precious perfumes

How to best store your precious perfumes

How can you best conserve your precious perfumes, so you can enjoy them as long as possible?

What's the best way to store your perfume?

You bought a precious perfume and spent quite money on it. Then of course you want to be able to enjoy it as long as possible, and therefore keep it in the best possible conditions. What is the best way to do that?

The main enemies of your perfume are temperature, light, air and yourself.



Perfume does not like a warm environment. Perfume consists mainly of alcohol and essential oils, and this delicate composition can be influenced by higher temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Just like a good wine, sauce or dressing, it's best to keep your perfume in a cool place. You don't necessarily have to keep them in the fridge, but try to avoid warmer places, such as your bathroom or car.



Too much light is a second possible culprit. Light can weaken or alter the odour molecules, 'spoiling' your perfume. Never put your bottle of perfume by the window.
It is best to keep the perfume in a dark place, such as a closed closet, and in its original packaging. Perfumes in dark or opaque bottles are less sensitive to light, and are therefore easier to keep for a longer time.



Air is a mixture of gases, especially nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). Especially the oxygen molecules can make new compounds with the molecules of which your perfume is composed (oxidize), and therefore change the smell.
The less perfume in your bottle, the more air enters the bottle, which can have an impact on the smell. This is inevitable. In any case, always close your bottle as securel as possible with the cap.

The perfume in test tubes already came into contact with air (and therefore oxygen) during filling and can therefore be stored less long. Test your perfume at least within 6 months in order to be able to assess its true value.



Your skin contains oils, acids and bacteria, which can also affect your perfume. That's why perfumes are usually offered as a spray, so your skin doesn't come into contact with the perfume in the bottle.

This also means that a perfume will not always smell the same on different people, so it is always best to test a perfume on your skin before buying it. Every skin is different.


How long can you keep a perfume? 

If you keep your precious perfume in a cool, dark place, you can easily keep it for 2 to 3 years without it turned 'spoiled'. But we assume that you bought your perfume mainly to put on and enjoy. If you want to avoid risks of 'ageing' your perfume as much as possible, it can also be useful to opt for smaller bottles, even if they are often more expensive.



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