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Exhibition ... Corinne Vanden Berghe

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Exhibition ... Corinne Vanden Berghe

Perfume meets Painting.
On the occasion of the neighbourhood festival 'Les Jacqueries', we exhibit 7 paintings by artist Corinne Vanden Berghe during the month of September 2021.


Painting is aerial in essence, although it is derived from the sensual materiality of binders and pigments.
An image on a white canvas from which emanates something that touches us and penetrates the dark and luminous meanders of our memory.
Triggering an emotion, the intoxication of grace is its destination. Just like perfume.
For everything is chemistry in the composition of colours, fragrances, lines, molecules, forms, aromas, darkness and light.

This exhibition presents, through 7 paintings, the scent of storms, angels and fur, the scent of plants, dew and forest.

The exhibition is free to visit during our regular opening hours throughout September 2021.

Born in 1965, Corinne Vanden Berghe received her artistic training for 5 years in a private studio, where she learned oil painting. She also spent a year at the Watermael Boisfort Academy, where she drew and painted from live models. However, being an individualist by nature, she quickly left this place and went on to obtain a master's degree in psychology (ULB 1988). She continued to paint on her own and perfected her training in painting techniques (dry pastels, oil paint, acrylic, tempera, collage, drawing from a moving model and ceramics).


Since 1994, she regularly exhibits in private galleries (such as Sabine Wachters Fine Arts, Mineta Move Contemporary, Ygrek gallery, DCA gallery, Hectoliter gallery, m'atuvu, Vintage Art gallery, Espace 13... ), as well as in institutional venues such as the Botanique, the Centre Culturel d'Ixelles, the COCOF, the Musée d'Art Spontané, the Maison Belge de Cologne, Bozar, and Artopenkunst.


Corinne Vanden Berghe's painting is essentially figurative, although at times, or in places, there are abstract escapes. There is always a fundamental idea around which the painting is structured, but the image proposed allows for several levels of reading. Often, the canvas has several meanings. Sometimes none.
Colours, lines, harmony and chaos, the clarity of the image, as well as its concealment, are part of his pictorial research.


The paintings of recent years have focused on brutalist and modernist architecture. Houses, buildings, which represent states of mind rather than constructions.
In some paintings, a character is placed in a vegetal and architectural environment and one guesses at the loneliness and meaninglessness of our human condition.
Free women languish in lush, overgrown vegetation.
Angels are also present, and through statues, they show us that there are other dimensions beyond the four known ones.


Her current path is towards a painting that intrinsically mixes abstraction and figuration, in the form of the representation of mental space. Painting mental space rather than objects or subjects.



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