Agatho - Fauno - Eau de Parfum

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Surrender to the undisputed charm of the mythological Faun, with this perfume with notes of tobacco, pimento, tuberose and incense.


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It is in the certainty of his undisputed charm that the bronze Faun dances inebriating the luxurious labyrinths of ancient Pompeii with notes of amber and cedar wood.

The house of the Faun, built during the 2nd century BC, was one of the largest and most impressive private residences in Pompeii and housed many great pieces of art. The house was named for the bronze statue of the dancing faun located, originally, on the lip of the impluvium, a basin for catching rainwater. The faun is a mythological half human - half goat creature appearing in Roman mythology, and was a symbol of peace and fertility.

The elegant atmosphere of the pimento and tuberose is enhanced with sensuality from the tobacco leaves, releasing, together with the incense and magnolia, warm and powerful notes like the indomitable Faun. 


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grapefruit, bergamot, artemisia, sweet orange, tobacco leaves, smoky accents, jasmine, pimento, petitgrain, tuberose, magnolia, juniper berries, clary sage, amber, olibanum (incense), cedar wood, suede, patchouli


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Maurizio Cerizza

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