AETHER - XTRAEM - Eau de Parfum

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The use of a high dose of Ambroxan ( synthetic alternative to ambergris) results in a perfume that is extremely seductive and sensual. 


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XTRÆM is an addictive fragrance with a very strong seductive power, due to its composition based on the highest dosage of ambroxan, the synthetic form of ambergris, mixed with hedione, irotyl, globalide and exaltolide, giving it a floral, woody and musky effect. The result: a sensual, luminous, sexy and radiant fragrance.


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Ambroxan (ambergris), heroine high cis (magnolia), irotyl (iris), globalide (dry musk), exaltolide (animal)


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All creations from the Supream series are unisex and can be layered together, or combined with one’s own favourite fragrance, or used separately leading to a multitude of options to individualize the poetry of fragrance.


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Anne-Sophie Behaghel

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