AETHER - ULTRAE - Eau de Parfum

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A "hot" perfume around the molecule Aldamber. Surround yourself with this unique, metallic fragrance reminiscent of extreme heat. 


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ULTRÆ is a perfume based on aldamber, a strong aldehydic molecule that smells like the driest heat, a dry cleaner or a hot iron, a heating computer or a sauna. This note is blended with rose oxyde, habdanolide and tonalide bringing a sun-dried metallic woody character to this very unique scent. Hot, hot, hot ...


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aldamber (a hot iron), aldehyde (metallic, floral), rose oxyde (metallic rose), habdanolide (metallic), tonalid (fruity, amber)


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All creations from the Supream series are unisex and can be layered together, or combined with one’s own favourite fragrance, or used separately leading to a multitude of options to individualize the poetry of fragrance.


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Beverley Bayne

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