AETHER - SUPAER - Eau de Parfum

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A fragrance around the iconic Iso E Super molecule. Impalpable with an indefinable attractiveness.


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SUPÆR is a subtle, almost intangible, addictive and unique fragrance that features the iconic magnetic and woody Iso E Super Molecule, combined with ethyl acetate, phenyl oxide and menthanyl acetate significantly enhancing the ethereal and metallic effects of Iso E, creating an indefinable aura and a vertiginous pheromone effect around the wearer.


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Iso E Super (dry, woody), ethyl acetate (pear, nail polish), phenyl oxide (geranium, metallic), menthanyl acetate (woody, mentholated)


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All creations from the Supream series are unisex and can be layered together, or combined with one’s own favourite fragrance, or used separately leading to a multitude of options to individualize the poetry of fragrance.


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Marie Duchène

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