AETHER - AEXTRA - Eau de Parfum

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An ethereal perfume around the molecule Bagdanol. A love potion that arouses lust and desire. 


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ÆXTRA is an ethereal love potion enhancing the smell of sweaty, lusty bodies. It distills a high concentrated dose of Bagdanol, which smells like freshly cut sandalwood. This is blended with Evernyl, adding animalic and oak moss notes. Complemented with ethereal and fresh facets of ethyl and ethyl linalyl acetates, this results in a unique perfume, complementary to our own odors, stimulating desire. 


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bacdanol (sandalwood), ethyl acetate (pear/nail polish), ethyl linalyl acetate (floral, bergamot), evernyl (oak moss)


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All creations from the Supream series are unisex and can be layered together, or combined with one’s own favourite fragrance, or used separately leading to a multitude of options to individualize the poetry of fragrance.


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Anne-Sophie Behaghel

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