Savonneries Bruxelloises - Shampoo Soap - 100 gr

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Try this deliciously smelling solid shampoo soap, with soft, oriental spices. Good for the environment and for your hear!

Savonneries Bruxelloises has been making Belgian soaps according to traditional methods since 1926.

This "Triple Milled Soap" collection is enriched with rich shea butter, soft almond oil and glycerine to give you a luxurious, delicately scented washing experience while hydrating. 

"Triple Milled" means that the soap passes through the press not once, but three times during manufacturing, allowing the soap and fragrance oils to mix better. The final product contains less water and therefore more soap. This results in a soap that smells longer, lasts longer and stays hard. 

This soap is 100% vegan and has not been tested on animals.

Made in Brussels, Belgium.


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