Locherber Milano - Banksai - Home Spray

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The Banksai home spray will take you to the Australian landscapes where the spectacular Banksia flower grows, with its woody and warm spicy notes. 


... story

The emotional journey of Locherber Milano brought them to Australia. Banksia is a fragrance inspired by the Australian wild flower of the same name.

The fragrance, aromatic, woody and spicy, opens with balsamic notes of Australian eucalyptus and grapefruit, then evolves into more flowery nuances of monoi, frangipane and boronia. The finish is intense and enveloping with woody hints of Australian sandalwood and cedar wood and spicy vetiver and Banksia nectar.

Also from a chromatic point of view Banksia recalls the fascinating Australian lands: the bottle in opaque glass, painted by hand, is deep dark brown, turning towards purple when light reflects on it, to recall the Banksia flower. The jacquard fabric label recalls the texture of the cone.


... notes

Australian eucalyptus, monoï, plumeria, Sydney boronia, Australian sandalwood, cedar wood, vetiver, banksia nectar


... characteristics

Hand painted glass bottle.
On the fabric label are reproduced images that recall the Australian flower.

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