Locherber Milano - Aramaik - Home Spray

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This home perfume with myrrh, amber and oud refers to ancient rituals and will create a spiritual atmosphere in any space. 

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Enveloping and woody, Aramaik evokes archaic rituals and leads to a spiritual dimension that regenerates body and soul. The fragrance is composed of three different types of myrrh, an aromatic gum-resin used in ancient Egypt both as incense and embalming, and the precious Nardo oil, a balsamic ointment used since the dawn of time to embalm the body.

Aramaik opens with citrus notes of bergamot and bitter orange to evolve into flowery hints of nard and geranium and close in an intense finish with a complex aromatic architecture in which stand out woody notes of agar wood, patchouli and guaiac with sweet vanilla, amber and myrrh.


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bergamot, bitter orange, spikenard, geranium, amber, myrrh, vanilla, guaiac wood, benzoin, patchouli, agarwood


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Glass bottle with fabric label on which are reproduced some letters of Aramaic, the ancient Arabic language.

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