L'Orchestre Parfum


"I am both a perfumer and a musician"


Pierre Guguen














Pierre's most intense memories were marked by the dialogue between these two arts. Those unique moments when time stands still. Where music and perfume create a perfect harmony.

He created L’Orchestre Parfum to revive these magical emotions and share them with you.


"Wear a song, listen to a perfume"


Pierre has visited many luthiers ateliers and worked with the finest french craftmen to understand and feel the scent of musical instruments: essences of guitar wood, trombone brass, kora leather …

Great noses then associated them with the most beautiful materials like rose, incense, neroli and spices. Finally, talented musicians composed a song for each fragrance.

Pierre wanted to develop responsible compositions. Fragrances designed in Paris, and made in Grasse from a 100% natural alcohol. Each bottle is manually lacquered by a french artisan.
It is this handmade work, these hours of creation & inspiration of craftsmen, perfumers and musicians that made this dream possible.

L'Orchestre Parfum considers perfume as an art and believes that the arts must interact together to create new emotions.