Atelier PMP - Geschöpf - Eau de Parfum

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Tender, clean and warm: that's Geschöpf, the Eau de Parfum that doesn't discriminate, because we are all our own creation. With fresh fig and smooth incense. 


... story

GESCHÖPF is the tender definition of all living beings. Any form of discrimination therefore makes no sense.

We are our own creation. We may decide who, how and what we are. Our identities change, just as we are allowed to change as creatures.

GESCHÖPF is diverse. It oscillates between a clear deep truth, the freshness of figs. warmth. Incense.


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bergamot, mandarin, cedar leaf, pink pepper, neroli, frankincense, ginger, cardamom, blond tobacco, fig, orange blossom, sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, vanilla, ambroxan


... creator

Mark Buxton and David Chieze

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