Akro - Malt - Eau de Parfum

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Malt Whiskey translated into perfume? Sounds weird, but it's great. A fragrance for bon vivants.


... story

A really good whisky is a sensory experience; it's the bite on your tongue, the warmth in your cheeks, the smoky aroma that releases when it falls over ice. It’s a scent Akro first became enamoured with when working the pubs and bars of Ladbroke Grove, a scent that will forever be associated with that dangerous ‘tipping point’ in a night; that witching hour and a bit before closing time when the beers become shorts, relaxation becomes hedonism and night edges closer to morning. They just knew they had to bottle if for you.

Malt is the perfect synthesis of a delicate liquor and a drunkenness that leaves its trace on the skin.


... notes

whiskey, rum, leather, seaweed, patchouli


... creator

Olivier Cresp



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