Trio Candles & Wick Cutter - Rêverie Bohème - Label Bougie

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Add some bohemian lifestyle to your interior with the trio Rêverie Bohème. Timeless and poetic. Order this trio and receive a free wick cutter (EUR 12.90) to enjoy your candles even longer. 


... story

Symbols of the desire for a bohemian lifestyle. These 3 neo-hippies brighten up your interior with their deliciously fragrant aromas. The fresh and fragrant flowers diffuse and allow free spirits to wander. A touch of nature invites a poetic and timeless interlude.

To enjoy your candle for as long as possible and to avoid soot on your walls, it is essential to trim the wick regularly. The scissors that you receive for free are the ideal instrument for this. The ergonomic shape makes it possible to reach the wick of the deepest candles. Made of stainless steel, they will last extra long. Once cut, the used wick is collected in the hollow recipient of the scissors.


... notes

LA VIE: plum, cedar, musk

LA LIBERTE: almond, cyclamen, musk

LE RÊVE: lemon, elemi, patchouli


... characteristics

Made from 100% vegetable soy and coconut wax.

Made in France with perfume from Grasse.

Wick of 100% cotton.

Burning time: 45 hours

Tips for use :

Let the candle burn for 2 hours the first time for a balanced burn the next time you use it. Regularly cut the wick short and keep it centered. In this way your candle will burn well until the end and you will enjoy your scented candle longer.

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