Manos Gerakinis - Athenian Essence - Scented Candle 145 gr

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Bring the atmosphere of Athens into your home, thanks to this luxurious candle with the fresh and clean aroma of bitter orange trees. 


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Athenian Essence is a fresh and contemporary luxury candle.  Ancient Greeks regarded the bitter orange as the golden apple of Esperides, a blissful far East garden that was tended by the Hesperides, the sunset Goddesses. In Athens alone, over 35,000 bitter orange trees imbue their blossomed fragrance into the old city under the hill of Acropolis. These gold fruits unite the past with the present initiating the essence of Athens. 


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neroli, bitter orange tree


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145 gr

100% soy wax

handmade in Greece

candle with lid

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