Locherber Milano - Capri Blue - Home Spray

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The island of Capri, where the sky and the sea meet, inspired Locherber Milano to this perfume, as fresh and impalpable as a sea breeze, and as exhilarating as a Mediterranean garden.


... story

With its extraordinary mix of nature, history and culture, Capri is an unparalleled legend in the world, a truly inspiring “muse” for artists, musicians, poets and intellectuals of all eras.

The enchantment of luxuriant and unspoilt nature, surrounded by the deep blue sea. Capri Bleu by Locherber Milano is a tribute to the “pearl of the Mediterranean” and its charm and allure that have always set it apart and made it a timeless icon.

The intense and embracing fragrances of the Mediterranean can be found in its aromatic structure: fresh citrus notes of lemon, orange and mandarin are followed by the floral sensations of Zagara (a characteristic orange blossom) and spicy notes of cardamom and tea leaves. Its finish is sweet and sensual with aromas of caramelized vanilla and white musk.


... notes

orange, lemon, Sicilian mandarin, cardamom, orange blossom, tea leaves, caramelized vanilla, white musk


... characteristics

The elegant blue hand-painted glass bottle is embellished with a fabric label with a geometric pattern that resembles the famous majolica ceramics of Capri.

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