Label Bougie - Totem - Scented Candle 180 gr

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Create a cozy atmosphere with this natural scented candle with a sensual perfume of violets and honey.


... story

An animal and unreal beauty spreads out and gives way to the first citrus notes. The innocence of the spirit takes shape in the zested shards of the violet, while the body’s sensuality asserts itself in a honeyed touch. Both join in a perfume which progressively shows on the surface and mixes up with patchouli and tonka notes, very softly wooded and smoked.


... notes

violet leaves, bees wax, patchouli, tonka bean


... characteristics

Scented candle in 100% vegetable wax of soy and coconut.

Produced in France with Grasse perfume.

100% cotton wick.

Burning time: 45 h


... creator

Clémence en Mathilde Demeestere


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