Label Bougie - Le Rêve - Scented Candle 180 gr

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Fresh, fruity, summery. Dream away from the perfume of citrus, elemi and patchouli. 


... story

Born out of a dream, the perfume reveals itself. After the first sparkling freshness of lemon zest, it unveils its mystery with aromas of coriander. The fruity heart of blackcurrants mixed with woody essences of elemi herald the beautiful season and nature renewing itself. We imagine it, we idealize it and the tonic notes flow together, across all genres.


... notes

lemon, elemi, patchouli


... characteristics

Scented candle made of 100% vegetable soy and coconut wax.

Made in France with Grasse perfume.

Wick 100% cotton.

Burning time: 45 hours

How to use :

Burn the candle for 2 hours at the first use to assure an even burning on later use. Cut the wick regularly and make sure it is centrred so that it burns properly and you will enjoy your scented candle even longer.

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