Label Bougie - La Superbe - Scented Candle 180 gr and Green Tea Infusion 80 gr

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Boost your energy with this scented candle with ginger and vetiver while enjoying an infusion of green tea and ginger. 


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La Superbe creates a refreshing effect thanks to its aroma of green tea with an exotic and sparkling ginger touch. The plant radiates and shines, leaving an enthusiastic and unique trail. A dynamic fragrance that envelops and revives at the same time. No doubt about it, La Superbe, that's you!

La Superbe is also a unique collaboration between Label Bougie and Anteadote. Enjoy an organic infusion of green tea and ginger. 


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Candle: verbena, ginger, vetiver

Composition infusion: green tea, rose hip, mate, ginger, cinnamon (plants from organic farming)


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Pack containing one candle 180 g + one infusion 80 g

Scented candle made of 100% vegetable soy and coconut wax.

Made in France with Grasse perfume.

Wick 100% cotton.

Burning time: 45 hours

How to use :

Burn the candle for 2 hours at the first use to assure an even burning on later use. Cut the wick regularly and make sure it is centrred so that it burns properly and you will enjoy your scented candle even longer.

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