Label Bougie - La Liberté - Candle 180 gr

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A sensation of freedom. That's the feeling this natural candle scented with almond and cyclamen will bring you. 


... story

Freedom is a perfect match, an harmony between floral and woody notes. The almond, suave and greedy, combines with the green apple for a candid and fruity start that illustrates the desire for naturalness. Followed by green and moist notes of cyclamen sublimated by the freshness of the lotus flower. A "Chypre" structure with a sensual dimension, free from artifice.


... notes

almond, cyclamen, musk


... characteristics

Scented candle made of 100% vegetable soy and coconut wax.

Made in France with Grasse perfume.

Wick 100% cotton.

Burning time: 45 hours

How to use :

Burn the candle for 2 hours at the first use to assure an even burning on later use. Cut the wick regularly and make sure it is centred so that it burns properly and you will enjoy your scented candle even longer.

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