Label Bougie - Imagine - Scented Candle 180 gr

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Give your home a fresh and spicy aroma, thanks to this natural scented candle with citrus, pepper and chili.


... story

The line meets, the line suggests, it sketches features and emotions. It reveals precious moments, between light and shadow. Underlined by soft and surprising accords, it invites you to dream.

A tonic and sparkling flight of bergamot and grapefruit draws the first few strokes of a  face. Intoxicating notes of pepper and chili sign the mysterious presence. The last camphorated and woody notes invite you to dream and imagine. All the possibilities are offered to him.


... notes

bergamot, grapefruit, woody notes, patchouli, pepper, chili


... characteristics

Scented candle in 100% vegetable wax of soy and coconut.

Produced in France with Grasse perfume.

100% cotton wick.

Burning time: 45 h


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