Kerzon - Trio Giga Doux - Scented Mist & Soap & Scented Sachets

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A fresh woody scent, ideal for yourself, your home and your linen. Save 4 EUR with this perfect trio. 


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Inspired by the cedar wood traditionally used to give your linen cupboard a fresh scent, Giga Doux is a soft, woody fragrance with anise and coconut on top of a base of cedar and sandalwood.

Spray a few hints of fragrant mist around you, on your clothes or on your skin, to delicately perfume your daily life.

The Super Frais soap is enriched with natural almond oil and envelops your skin in a soft and subtly perfumed foam.

The scented sachets release their enchanting fragrance for weeks and subtly perfume your linen, drawers and precious clothes. 


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cedarwood, sandalwood


... characteristics

Soap enriched with soothing and softening almond oil, based on nourishing coconut oil and antioxidant olive oil

Perfumed sachets made in an institution for social integration and hand-packed in Paris. 

Imprim'vert labelled printed labels with a low impact on the environment

Packaging made of recyclable paper, 100% sourced from sustainably managed forests


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