Kerzon - Poire & Vanille - Hand Cleansing Spray - 50 ml

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This washing spray cleans and refreshes your hands without rinsing. Its soft and fresh texture leaves your skin clean and deliciously scented. 


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The cleansing spray washes and nourishes the skin without the need for rinsing. Slip your hands into the orchard’s delights. The sugary juice of the pear and the lively crispness of the apple evoke the finest of nature’s delicacies. White musk balances bold vanilla, melting on the skin. A smooth, caressing sensation. Indulge in a moment of tenderness thanks to this enticing treasure trove of fresh fruit.


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pear, vanilla


... characteristics

Eliminates impurities from everyday life
Moisturizing and protective natural glycerin
Nourishing and repairing organic Aloe Vera
Light, transparent, non-sticky texture
50 ml bottle 100% recycled from household waste
Concentrated at 61% alcohol (Ethanol 96°)
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