Kerzon - Le Soleil Liquid Soap + Graines de Carotte Dishwashing Soap

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Save 7 EUR with this perfect duo for your kitchen.


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The ideal duo in every kitchen, to take care of your hands and your favourite dishes. The natural formulation of the Le Soleil liquid soap gently illuminates the skin of the whole family and the strong degreasing power of the Graines de Carotte dishwashing liquid brings special care to your daily dishes.


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dishwashing soap: ginger, bergamot, carrot seed

liquid soap: peach, coconut, almond, ylang ylang, water jasmine, sandalwood, musk, patchouli


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2 bottles of 500 ml each
Bottles 100% from household waste recycling
For all skin types and for the whole family
With organic coconut and olive oil
Manufactured and formulated in compliance with BIO standards

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