Kerzon - Feuille d'Eucalyptus - Hand Lotion - 75 ml

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A blissful natural lotion for soft, hydrated and delicately scented hands, with the cool and energizing minty aroma of eucalyptus. 


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A magic lotion for soft, hydrated and delicately scented hands. This lotion is enriched with seawater and seaweed extract, a natural source of micronutrients and essential minerals.

Its creamy and light texture penetrates quickly into the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated thanks to the organic shea butter it contains. Its eucalyptus infusion gives it a  minty fragrance and a cool, energizing finish.


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eucalyptus, lavender


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75 ml
Enriched with seawater and algae extract
Nourishing coconut oil and antioxidant olive oil base.
Suitable for all skin types
Contains vitamin fortified organic shea butter
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